Thursday, December 4, 2008


This is a picture I took of the Portland waterfront at night. I love the stretchy reflections of the night. Really this setting should be done on a tripod, then it would have been a little crisper, but next time.

I've always been interested in photography. And I've never been happy with my photographs. In the past, I was easily discouraged. Very easily. Not so much now. I take hundreds of photos a week, and digital cameras have helped with that!!

Some of the photos I take are pure crap. But a lot are very good. I am not willing to delete all the bad ones, because I could use them to practice photoshop on. But life for me these days is about trying things. Photoshop, as far as I'm concerned, may as well be in Hindu. I can't get it. But I am looking for tutorials, and someone said you can find how-to's for it on youtube... In the meantime, I'm figuring out a really awesome program called Irfanview. It's free, and it can do a lot of things photoshop can do, in a way easier format.

I had no clue even a year ago that I would now be taking picture after picture of trees. And moss, leaves, mushrooms. I'm a frugal person, and in the film realm (where you actually had to take the roll to get developed), you didn't play with a camera. You captured family. Necessary pictures to mark the passing of time. But again... the digital world is different. I am so thankful for technology!


Anonymous said...

reI love photography too. I dragged my feet for a long time w/ digital. I LOVE my film camera. And I still dont believe there is any comparison to the experience. I will agree the "ease" of a digital is nice, but I really do love the whole 35mm experience. I will one day have a darkroom and then I can get back into it. Just too expensive for me now.
Digital allows me to learn and grow as a photographer.
And I have been enjoying my digital alot more, the more I use it.
Love the night city scape. Great shot.

Geoff Schutt said...

Robyn -- thanks for sharing the cityscape with us -- especially those of us who live across the country.

Eleanor wants to touch each and every one of those colored lights on the horizon.

To -- everything GOOD.
-- Geoff & Eleanor

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