Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have a problem with patience. I hate waiting. I simply have no patience. And that fact really bothers me. It's such a contradiction. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that each step of the journey makes us who we are. So necessary. But I hate it!

Since I set up my Etsy shop, I've realized over and over that I have a big problem with patience. Things never happen fast enough for me. I need to breathe. I need to slow down and realize what this part is teaching me. I need to be thankful for each and every moment, and realize it's leading up to something wonderful.

I lament to my sister in law... 'Patience' she tells me. She can see what I am doing, and she knows that I need to learn this very valuable lesson. I'm so thankful for her reminders. And for her patience with me.


Anonymous said...

ok, i use to be JUST exactly like you. I mean, exactly. and I have to tell you, at times I still struggle, but I think the key for me at least, is to keep on working forward. I dont really wait for things any more. If they happen, then GRE, but I keep working for things I want to accomplish( goals) I keep my mind occupied, therefor less time to be peoccupied with impatience. All I know is it really has worked for me.
You may still doubt your success, and all the while you are a TRUE success. BELIEVE! I think this plays a part too. The need for confirmation. If you believe, that confirmation will really cure your impatience- try it! <3 Sandy

Melissa said...

Yep, know what you mean. I am concentraiting on loving my work no matter if it never goes anywhere beyond my home. At some point I swear I am going to start leaving it on the street with a sign that says FREE just so that someone will take it! HA! My luck it would still be sitting there. double HA! :)

As I wrote in a snail mail to Sandy, the world is so much more interested in big houses, expensive cars, and name-brand purses than in art from the heart. But we can't let their ways get us least not for long. They know not what they do.

I once heard someone say (I think it was Joyce Meyer) don't ask for patience because you're asking for a problem (as it's only learned through waiting). What a catch 22 huh?

~Ah, what a life~

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