Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year... funny how people mark that. This morning I'm thinking that New Years probably has little meaning for most people I know. A business' fiscal year does not have to be from January to January, in fact, in my experience it usually is not. And many of my friends mark their year by their birthdays... My 37th year is starting today.

I always make resolutions... but they are not always New Years Resolutions...I am pretty arbitrary... I sometimes have March 2nd resolutions, or whatever it may be. Anyway....

Happy New Year to you, whenver that may be. I still have the feeling that this is going to be a most awesome and magical year, my 37th year.

Speaking of magic, something just occurred to me. I've always been a tomboy. A girl raised with 2 brothers (both sisters were older and out of the house), always one of the guys. I've always related to males. However, when I was 19 and first married, my air force husband was a meteorologist. I would go have coffee with the 'weather wives' a few times a week. Nancy, from New York, taught me a lot about interpersonal communication, and I learned how to hang around with females. A few good female friends later, and we've all pretty much dropped out of touch.

So... the magic (chasing rabbits today, I swear)... this blog has brought me to be friends with a group of women, and it seems to be expanding daily. That's not to lessen your importance Geoff, Dad, or Rod (or Dale if you're still here?). But friendships with women is still very new to me. There is a magic involved. That is a side affect I had not expected from this blogging experience, a very nice one.

So, whenever your New Year may be, I hope this one is magical... the power is within.


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