Friday, December 19, 2008

Growing up

Two snow pictures today. Mine is on the bottom. Dad's is on the top. Doesn't the world look kinda shiny and new when the snow first falls? It's magic!
So... speaking of magic, I have recently seen some personal growth. Yay for me!! Seriously... ok, how do I explain this... I've been very preoccupied with my Etsy shop, my journals, my photography. Even though the sales are not rolling in, I know that I need to lay the groundwork while it's slow. So, working, working, working...
I have written about my hopes and dreams, specifically about my shop and my craft, on here many times. And yesterday I got a very specific email pointing out some things that I needed to work on in my shop. In the past, I would have fought against that. I would have done it my way and that would be that. However, after I read the email, I took a deep breath and read again. I felt the love in which this friend was offering up her advice... her heart and her time.
I will be doing several things to make my shop better. I'm learning that it's always a work in progress. And if you see something I don't, please let me know. I will receive it well, because I'm growing up :-)


Geoff Schutt said...

These are great pictures, Robyn. Thanks for sharing them.

And also thanks for being so open and honest about your life transition and growth. I learn a little something each time I read one of your posts, or I'm reminded that I already know something but forgot along the way.

Eleanor and I wish you a GREAT weekend ahead! Geoff

Anonymous said...

one of the messages I have shared today with my daughter and with a friend of mine, is the biggest thing that held me back was my fear to fail, and now that i took the plunge, i almost welcome slip ups now and then , as they teach me so much. I was once in your shoes, and I can see your growth and am smiling as I see you shining so bright. You can have whatever it is you want in this world. Believe!

Anonymous said...

hey come to my blog, i've tagged you.....

Melissa said...

Growth happens magickally, I always say!

~Grow Robyn Grow~

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