Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I got an award!

"This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY, nearness in space and time of relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find friends and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers."

Melissa awarded me with this award yesterday! I cannot tell you how deeply touched I was to receive it! This blog started as a way for me to put my feelings into words. I am not a touchy-feely kind of person... but I am a very contemplative person. So I began... what it became was a spiderweb of friends and soul connections. I could have never dreamed that I would become close to so many people that I've never met.

I put things on here that I would not necessarily talk about with people in my life. I expose myself, work through things. Give my views. And my online friends come and they read, just as I read their words. And we connect. On such a deep level. My heart swells when I think of it.

Thank you Melissa!! Here's a big ol' cyber hug headed your way!!! (((((HUG)))))

Now... I am a little unclear to how many people I can award this to, but here I go!

Eleanor Eleanor speaks to me through her biographer, Geoff...
Rowena always amazing to me with her stick-to-itiveness and accomplishements
Leonie would be nice to be like her when I grow up
Connie such a source for inspiration and reality checks
Ok... so, there you go... I got an amazing award and I'm passing it on to the most amazing people I know.


Rowena said...

Thank you Robyn! This is a lovely award. I got too caught up in Eleanor's story to get to the other awardees, but I'll get there.

And be patient with my passing on of awards. I'm really slow at that.

Melissa said...

You deserve the award! And I'm hugging you right back!!!!

~Be like wonderful YOU, when you grow up~

ps: I'd be honored to be named Kim, but alas, I was named Melissa. :) Christmas turned your brain crazy already?? Heehee!

Melissa said...

Oh and I say, not that I'm any authority at all, award it to as many as are in your heart!


Robynsart said...

My deepest apologies, Melissa! I have no idea where that came from! Gee... perhaps my brain is mush-ified lol

Connie said...

Oh Robyn, how absolutely sweet and what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for the award. I agree with Melissa, and you totally deserve it too!!

Peace & Love.

Geoff Schutt said...

Eleanor says: "Robyn, you're much too kind, but I like kindness so I'll accept it! And thank you to Melissa for giving you the award in the first place.

"Robyn -- You always find a way to bring words of inspiration to my Biographer -- and that in turn helps him tell my story. And look -- Rowena stopped by, so another new friend. Now I need to make my Biographer's coffee even stronger, to get those words out and down and in the right order. Thank you, thank you -- and lots of moondust your way, as well."

Eleanor's p.s. to Robyn:
"Keep creating! You're making a big difference in our world."

Melissa said...

No problem babe! I thought at first Kim, that Queenie Bo-Beanie, beat me to the punch. ;) Woke me up a little.

Sure thing Eleanor! Glad to see the award carried on to peeps like you and Geoff!!

~Do de do do do~

ps: my word verification is flyfulen....sounds like dr seuss is running amuck in the cyber world. Hi Dr Seuss! Love you!

Robynsart said...

I am thankful for every speck of moondust that comes my way!

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