Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dad's Photos

These are two of my dad's photos. He said he takes most of them right off of his porch. I found his pictures to be breathtaking. And last weekend I set out to take some sunrise photos of my own. I looked up the sunrise times on the internet. And I headed to the gravel pit where I work. There was frost everywhere and I got there about 20 minutes early. It did not work for me. The sky was not dynamic. The colors were bland. So I left. I ran a couple of errands and headed home. On the way home I saw the most beautiful sunrise. I had not waited long enough. Had I been patient, I would have gotten beautiful photographs of the sun coming up over the pit.
It does not sound like much, but the pit is a beautiful spot. The edges that go straight down, showing every layer of rock and earth... even the piles of gravel. And up along the hill are the most beautiful trees. I think I will try again next Sunday. It should be interesting because there is a chance of snow.
I have been a little frustrated with selling my photography. However, I have not been promoting my prints. I've been showing all my friends and co-workers my journals and they have been selling like mad. But my etsy shop is the only way I've been promoting my photography. And I've only sold 2 prints. This past couple of days though, I've been asked to use my wise tree print as a journal cover (I did and it was beautiful-- will definitely be making more!), and I was told how someone wanted to use my photos to decorate their home after they get up some money. That meant the world to me.
It's always the little things...


Anonymous said...

Dad's photo's are lovely.....

Melissa said...

Gorgeous photos Dad!

Your experience with 'missing' the sunrise is a great lesson!

I can absolutely understand the frustration with the selling of your photos. At least your journals are selling though. I've been making mine for 3 years and have only sold a handfull. People always say how beautiful they are, but for some reason, they just don't buy them. Even whe I under-sold them for $20. Whatever. I still adore them. But it does sting a lil. Hugs for us both!


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