Monday, December 15, 2008


This beautiful city that I love is now covered in snow!! I have not uploaded any snow pictures yet, so you get to see it from a couple of weeks ago. We woke up to snow yesterday morning and it continued to snow throughout much of the day. It is absolutely breathtaking outside!

And because there's so much snow, and it makes everything look so crisp, and new... my brain is in plan mode. I'm revamping my shop. (also, thanks to Connie's wonderful advice). I'll be updating journal pictures and re-doing descriptions. I will also be adding more photography and I'm working on making my journals be 100% all natural... with recycled paper :-).

I have a radio interview on January 1 at 9pm EST. I will post the link on here, today or tomorrow. If you'd like to listen, you'll need to create a free account prior to that time. There should also be archives up afterwards, and I will get the link for that as well.

I'm also planning some new photo projects. Coasters, boxes, trivets... we'll see :-). Definitely note cards. My mind is going, going, going.

It is starting to feel a little like Christmas, now that it's snowing. Funny thing is... snow here practically shuts the town down. Public transportation is greatly decreased... stores are closed, even gas stations. I lived in Alaska for 2 years and this is still a very strange concept for me. One inch of snow on the ground closes down schools. So... at least for now, things are slowed in my immediate outside world. And things are moving so fast in my mind!

I will take a list to work with me today (since there won't really be any work to do), and start on my tasks... and organize my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

YaY! you keep going.... keep on with your thoughts and dreams.... see each of them vividly and believe in them, and soon they will be yours. Believe!

Geoff Schutt said...

I miss the snow. I had it last year, but this year, having moved South, I really miss it.

So -- your excitement about everything -- well, it's contagious, Robyn. Thank you for that!

Geoff (& Eleanor)

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