Thursday, December 11, 2008

Encouraging the Artists

Another picture from Newport. I talked with my dad last night, after I had talked with my sister in law. So... my sister in law got a camera at the same time I did. Same camera. And this year instead of hiring a photographer, she took photos of her daughters in front of their tree to put in her Christmas cards. She was getting them printed out and ran into an old friend who asked to see the pictures. They were so awesome that today my sister in law (we'll call her J from here on) is going over to that friends house to take pictures of her children!

J is discovering her inner artist. It is such an awesome thing to see. And as a total act of synchronicity, dad had talked to her about the two of them going on a photo day. He is helping to show her the way... helping open her eyes to things she may not have seen before. And he is giving them both an amazing experience.

I fully believe in encouraging artists. We are delicate souls, in a way. We need lots of encouragement. Lots of pats on the back, a lot of interest from those around us. Especially when we are newborns in our craft. We are timid and scared. We need validation from people we respect. Dad is giving that to J, and very often to me. He is an amazing soul.

I will be posting more of Dad's photos... no schedule, just putting them on here as I feel it's time. He has been reading my blog. How awesome is that??? Good morning, Dad! Have a wonderful day everyone.


Melissa said...

Hi Robyn's Dad!

Having parent who encourages and shares in creative expression is a true blessing! YAY!

~Ho ho ho~

Geoff Schutt said...

Sometimes, we need to remember to give ourselves a pat on the back, too -- when the world isn't listening or paying attention.

"Here's an extra pat on the back for when you need it most," Eleanor says.

Keep it, hold it close, and use it when you need it most. There's no expiration date.

Geoff & Eleanor

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