Thursday, November 5, 2009

The contemplation continues

I am having a very hard time getting motivated this morning. Just as I typed that I realized I had forgotten my coffee this morning. Now, with my coffee in hand, I hope to find my motivation.

I had a wonderful talk with my dad yesterday. He sounded absolutely great. I was telling him some exciting news and he was fully rejoicing with me. He so gets me, and that makes me so happy.

I have a busy weekend planned, and got an email about an upcoming craft show in the area... the lady found me on etsy :-). My initial reaction was "noooo.... not enough time". But... I will email her back, asking for more information. After all, I do have over 50 journals made, and I'd like to move them from my shop... new directions coming soon with that. The craft show is about an hour away, but I will weigh all the pros and cons throughout the day to decide.

In so many ways, business-wise, I feel as though I've arrived. I have found my photographic voice. I am following my heart. Life is pretty amazing.

The deep contemplation that's been within me for days is continuing today. I'm getting there... slowly. For a person with 0 patience, this is going well.

I wish each of you a completely present, mindful day.


designsbykari said...

You are amazing!

You make me smile everyday! Thank you Robyn.

As for the craftshow, I say Go For IT!

nomadcraftsetc said...

I second the craft show! Go for it!

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