Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A little Magic

I love the colors of fall. Spring is an amazing time of rebirth, but in the fall, that's when the behind the scenes magic happens... that's when the groundwork is done for the coming season. Seeds drop to the ground, waiting... leaves fall to protect and fertilize. It's all absolute magic.

I have some magic of my own going on in my life right now. I'm not going to tell exactly what it is because I'm so afraid to jinx it. But something amazing is happening. Yep, right along with all the unsettled-ness in my world. And the struggles I've been going through... right in the middle of that, a glimmer of magic.

Life's pretty amazing. Just when you think you are going down in the water for the last time, a small flotation device floats by. You're still in the water. You still have to figure out how the hell to deal with the predicament you are in. But now you have hope. So that's where I am. Still floating around. But still in the same water. I'm taking lots of extra meditation time lately. And I'm so thankful for my morning pages I'm doing as part of The Artist's Way.

If you're in the water... look around... there might be something coming to provide you with a little magic...


Melissa said...

Beautiful write up Robyn...and I know JUST what you're saying. I've been there a few times myself, as I'm sure everybody has.
Just when you think there's nothing left, something happens to give you that spark of hope to hang on and press forward :-D
And I love the fall too FAVE time of year, all for the very reasons you depicted. Its also the season the inspires my creativity most....

nomadcraftsetc said...

Beautiful picture!

I know all about the little floating devices! Makes you feel like a 3 year old with a life jacket sometimes! Thank goodness for those little life jackets!

Rebecca said...

You are amazing Robyn. You always know how to speak to my heart. You give me hope with your hope and peace with your peace. Thank you.

Sandy said...

YaY! So happy to here!! Enjoy the "magic"!

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