Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Watch life pass by

I took this photo from the car window. I was experimenting, and having fun. I love how it turned out. I call it "Watching Life Pass By".

Today, my goal is to relax a bit... and watch life. I need to breathe. I've calmed down about the craft show, though I'm still making mental notes. I'm not so freaked out now. I will just focus on making steps forward, no matter how small.

Do you ever sit on a bench and watch people? I like to imagine where they are rushing off to, I create amazing, elaborate stories in my head about their lives, their hopes, their desires. I believe there's a certain amount of empathy that comes with this ability. My stories explain WHY they have that stain on their blouse, or why they put on a bit too much perfume today. The stories explain it away... You should try it. Seriously. It's fun.

Try to do something today that takes you *out* of the hustle and bustle of life. People watch. Meditate. Soak in a bubble bath. Create a world aside from the one out there... and make it your own.


michiganhemp said...

I love looking at life from the outside perspective. Watching the birds on the feeder outside my window helps me relax and notice the beauty of life. Looking through the viewfinder is another great way to see life differently. Maybe I'll take my camera for a walk's been calling to me for days. :)


designsbykari said...

I often sit back and watch. Be it my children, nature or people in the middle of their crazy lives. It's certainly a nice break, a reality check.

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