Monday, July 26, 2010

I did It!

Saturday was a family fun day. I knew what was planned, the boys had NO Clue! We went to Mt. Hood Ski Bowl Adventure Park. They have alpine slides there that are like a luge, bungee trampolines, a 500' zip line, a bungee jump, and a reverse bungee. I did it all. One of my sons did it all. 2 of them opted out of the bungee and the reverse bungee, and hey, maybe they have more sense than I do!

I learned about Leap of Faith. Stepping off of that platform on the bungee jump was the most difficult thing I ever did. Am I glad I did it? Absolutely! Would I ever do it again? Most likely not. But I did it. At 38, I did something that I was deathly afraid of. I did it. That's what matters.

We covered fear a couple weeks ago in my Artist Empowerment Class. I think it helped with this. I knew that I had fear, and I understood all the reasons. I also understood that all the safety precautions had been taken, I'd be safe. So, the decision to jump or not was completely within me. The No almost won, I can assure you. And if it had, that would be ok too... but I can't really even tell you how amazing it is to me that I said Yes. Saying yes to a 100 foot drop is VERY out of character for me.

I'm pushing my limits. With the bungee, with my business, with my class, and with my life. I am putting it all out there and taking leaps of faith!


TheHappySoul said...

YAY Sis!!! I'm so proud of you for saying yes once again and facing that fear! What an amazing day for you and the family! Here's to pushing the limits and not letting that pesky fear stop you!


ardee said...

You're amazing!! Not sure I could go through with it. I do want to sky dive. I've had sooo many dreams about falling and never landing that I think it's an omen. Kudos to you, lady, for having the kahonas to do it!!

Eric said...

Way to go! 100 feet is nothing, it's 38 feet that is the mind killer. For some reason, the human brain is hardwired to be afraid at 38 feet. Anything below or higher isn't so scary.

That's why in Airborne and Air Assault schools, we did all our tower training at 38 feet. If you can jump out of the mock tower, or go dope-on-a-rope off the rappel tower, you can finish the schools.

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