Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am constantly learning. I took 2 vacation days last week from work. I went stir crazy. Had not made any real plans, had no structure. The 4 days off were not all that enjoyable because of this. I learned that I NEED structure. I need to plan out my days. And I will take that lesson to heart. I've learned, hopefully. Relaxation is good and necessary, yes, but productivity is oh so important to me as well.

I have not been sleeping well at all this week. Monday night, I was basically awake by 2am and tossed and turned til 5am when the alarm went off. Tuesday night, I couldn't fall asleep til about midnight, and last night, I was up several times. I think I will drink sleepy time tea tonight and go to bed when I get tired. Something has to work.

Tomorrow evening is a very special class chat for my Artist Empowerment Class and I am so excited. This week has been full of amazingness! I think that trend will continue!


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