Friday, July 9, 2010

Taking Inventory and finding Joy

This is a photo my son took at the balloon festival. I love seeing things through his eyes! I've been taking inventory quite a bit lately... it's just something I do. My personal life, my family life, my class, my creativity... I am so full of joy. So many things are a celebration of that joy.

Last night was our first group chat for the class. I am absolutely in awe of the women who chose to join me. They are each amazing. We are only one week in out of the 6 week course... and I can't totally fathom the ride I am on yet. That is a good thing.

This weekend will include some more journal making so keep your eye out! And if you'd like more information on when my next class is, drop me a line at


TheHappySoul said...

((((((((Sis)))))))))) chat was amazing! I cannot wait to see what the rest of class has in store for all of us.


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