Friday, July 23, 2010


I've had a very full, very rewarding week. And tomorrow I have BIG plans with my boys. Plans that are a surprise to them. Plans that will push my boundaries completely and make me face fear.

Sunday will be all about resting after all the activity on Saturday. I must say this is an amazing life. Monday I should have some pictures from the weekend activities...

What do you do to push your boundaries?


TheHappySoul said...

YAY for pushing boundaries! I really don't do that often and when I do, they are subtle. My boundary pushing usually involves art of some kind. Trying something I've never tried and letting myself screw up. That in itself is a feat for me.

Sounds like you and the boys are going to have a fantastic weekend, and I can't wait to see the pictures!


Sandra said...

What don't I do to push my boundaries is more like it! I'm not happy unless I'm pushing! I love that you also have this spirit! Only good things will happen to you, that's a guarantee!

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