Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moving Up from the Abyss

Yesterday was an extremely down day for me. First, I began thinking about the phone call from my brother letting me know that Dad had died, on my way to work. So I cried halfway there. I thought about my blogpost much of the day... and about how I could move beyond the guilt.

When I got home, it all turned around. I got off a little bit early to transport the boys all around. One son went and did an activity that he really wanted to do, the other 2 made homemade rootbeer. We bought all the bottles, caps, and supplies and set up an assembly line. We should know in about 10 days how that turned out! I talked with them a bit, and it made me realize that they harbor no ill will... their life has been great. I struggled through that marriage, and I protected them. So it seems that it's just a matter of working through my own crap now (isn't that how it usually is?).

Today I'm taking some more leaps of faith and contacting select sites about advertising my journals on there. Life is good, sometimes I just have to remind myself!


TheHappySoul said...

YAY Sis! I'm so glad your day turned out better last night. Those boys of yours are truly amazing, and I'm happy that you had a talk with them. Hopefully, that makes you feel a little better about everything. :) I'm very excited to find out which sites you get to advertise on, and I know it will turn out to be a wonderful opportunity for you! Here's hoping your day today is absolutely WONDERFUL!


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