Friday, July 16, 2010


As a general rule, I wake up, shower, and blog. No external stuff is in my head, and I write in almost a trance like state. Many times I go back and read later, and the words are foreign to me. Anyway... It all comes from within. Not from something I see on cnn, the newspaper, or anywhere online.

Today is a little different. I'm off today and I've had a few conversations with online friends already. I see people in my daily encounters online who are growing by leaps and bounds. Women who are gaining self-confidence, self-love, self-ACCEPTANCE. And sometimes there are people in their lives who would rather they didn't gain any of those things.

You know... I gained all of those things over time, and there were many relationships that didn't survive. I can honestly say though that in the forms they were in, they shouldn't have survived. So... what do you do when you are changing at the speed of light but those around you are acting as speed bumps? You grow anyway! You take care of you. Of course, you take care of your household too. But you grow.

When someone is clutching at your ankles, trying to keep you from progressing, you keep going. I fully believe that women are BETTER wives, mothers, lovers, friends if they feel whole and empowered. Always keep growing, no matter the speed bumps!


TheHappySoul said...

((((((((((((SIS))))))))))))) You are absolutely right.. we need to keep growing, changing, empowering ourselves, and learning to love ourselves no matter what stands in our way! There is always a way to keep growing while keeping the family by your side. It can be extremely difficult to find the way, but it is there. Many times we can get tangled up in ourselves and forget about the world and family around us. It happens, but with the love of our friends and family, we can get through it! We can keep forging on to that better us with their help. It doesn't have to be something that we do alone, and believe it or not, our growth and self love can be accomplished easier and to a better extent when the family is right their by our sides. :)


scrappinheaven said...

After being through so many speed bumps in my life I have to agree with you that it does make you grow and be a better person. Life is amazing isn't it!

I found you through RedHead Riter's Woo Us Blog post. I'm following you on Google Friends.

Thanks, I enjoyed your post :)

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