Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Rested

I have been so tired this week that I've dropped off from goal setting. I'm a little more rested today, so I think it's time to be back on that horse! I have one special journal that I'm writing my book in and I believe I will take that to work today. We've had a lot of idle time lately, and I may possibly be able to get some notes made.

Tonight is our class chat. We are already nearing the end of week 3. I can't believe that we are halfway done. It has been an amazing experience! Tonight's class chat will have a special guest: Susan Piver, and I am thrilled beyond belief! If you're not familiar with Susan, see her at She is an amazing woman, and I've gotten to know her a little bit better recently on facebook. My hope is that this is the beginning of a long friendship! So, tonight at the class chat, I'm going to be trying not to gush so much! :-)

Life is absolutely amazing. I am surrounded in my online world by very creative and influential people. I am lucky. The other day, Susan said to me that what she loved about facebook and twitter is the serendipity. I wholeheartedly agree. My heart is full, and I am ready to go full steam ahead!


TheHappySoul said...


YAY! So excited for chat tonight! I'm thrilled that I get the chance to speak with Susan and I hope that she can see who we are and what your class is all about. I'm glad you got to sleep last night, and I hope your day is absolutely wonderful!


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